Wally Stevens
Goren Wally Stevens
Name Wally Stevens
Affiliation Insurers' Protection Group
Occupation Accountant
Pathology Serial killer
Family Unnamed mother
Unnamed wife
Unnamed children
Status Imprisoned for life
Actor Mark Linn-Baker
First Appearance "Probability"
Last Appearance "Endgame"

Wally Stevens was an accountant who committed a string of murders in New York City.


A high-functioning autistic, he spent years completely unaware that he had Asperger syndrome, but found that he had incredible difficulty relating to other people, a difficulty which cost him his relationship with his wife and children. Detective Robert Goren felt sympathy for him and helped get him move to a correctional facility in Philadelphia so he could be near his mother. Ironically, he became friends with serial killer Mark Ford Brady, who unbeknownst to him was Goren's biological father. (CI: "Probability", "Endgame")

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