Walt Massey
Name Walt Massey
Affiliation Global Voyages Travel Agency
Occupation Orthodontist
Pathology Murderer
Child molester
Family Unnamed wife
Shawn Massey (stepson)
Unnamed stepson
Status Executed
Actor Michael Hayden
First Appearance "Angels"

Dr. Walt Massey was an orthodontist and the prime suspect in the murder of serial rapist and murderer Bret Jansen, and the sexual abuse of his stepson Shawn, whom he took in along with his mother and brother after being abandoned by his biological father.

Walt confessed to killing Jansen, who had sexually abused his adoptive sons and left one to die whilst the other escaped. He believed that his sexual relationship with Shawn was consensual and that the boy seduced him, and that he was better than Jansen because he loved his victims, while Jansen thought of his as sexual objects. He was convicted of his stepson's abuse and the torture-murder of Jansen and executed.

Known Victims

  • Unnamed boy (sexually abused with Bret Jansen)
  • Shawn Massey (his stepson; sexually abused)
  • Bret Jansen (incapacitated with blunt-force trauma, removed his genitals, and slit his throat)
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