Walter Burlock
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Name Walter Burlock
Affiliation Jason Gambel (cellmate)
Occupation Ex-con
Pathology Serial rapist
Family Vivian Arliss (daughter)
Calvin Arliss (grandson)
Status Deceased
Actor R. Lee Ermey
First Appearance "Trophy"

Walter Burlock was a serial rapist who served time in prison previously, and a suspect in the murder of one of his rape victims.

In the early 70s, he raped Joan Arliss, resulting in her being impregnated with a girl she later named Vivian. When he got out, he moved into the home of his cellmate Jason Gambel and blackmailed him into using his basement to rape and kill women. He was killed by his daughter's lover Sarah.

Known Victims

  • February 19, 1970: Joan Arliss (raped)
  • Dates further unspecified:
    • At least three unnamed women (raped)
    • Cynthia Dunlevy (raped)
    • Tracy Sage (raped)
  • Unknown dates from 2005 to 2010: Jason Gambel (raped and tortured)
  • October 18, 2010: Samantha Millerton (raped, tortured, and murdered)
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