Walter Schreiber
Walter Schreiber
Name Walter Schreiber
Affiliation New York Supreme Court
Division Criminal Term
Occupation Judge
Status Alive
Actor John Ramsey
First Appearance "Star Struck"
Last Appearance "Teenage Wasteland"

Walter Schreiber is a judge in New York City.


  • Arraigned the defendant on $100,000 bail.
  • Arraigned the defendant on $10,000 bail.

Cases tried

  • Granted the defense's motion to suppress a witness' photo identification on the grounds that Kincaid might have coached the witness.
  • Denied the defense's motion suppress the testimony of Claire Kincaid and Janet Rudman on the grounds that Thayer was represented by counsel citing that Kincaid was acting as a private citizen who resigned from the DA's office at the time.
  • Allowed Thayer's wife to testify for the prosecution as long as none of her testimony derives from conversations from Thayer.
  • Demanded Thayer confess in court fully when he doesn't answer his or Executive ADA Stone's questions directly.
  • Denied the defense's motion to dismiss the charges.
  • Denied the defense's motion to dismiss on the grounds the murder victim died in the hospital and was alive at the time the hospital harvested her organs.
  • Ruled that the prosecution could try both Cosgrove and Comacho simultaneously for the murder of Nancy O'Neal.
  • Accepted a plea of guilty for murder in the first degree for killing Tommy Nagi from the defendant.
  • Sentenced the defendant to life imprisonment.
  • Plea and sentence both overturned by Appellate Judge Marilyn Haynes and the case went to trial.
  • After the defendant is found guilty at trial, Schreiber limited both presentations for sentencing.
    • The prosecution is only allowed to call their M.E., Elizabeth Rodgers, to the stand while the defense is allowed to call a former teacher but will allow the prosecution introduce prior bad juvenile acts.
  • Ruled that the jury most be unanimous in their decision of whether the defendant is sentenced to either death or life imprisonment. If the jury is deadlocked, Schreiber will impose a sentence of 20/25 years to life imprisonment.


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