L&O, Episode 5.16
Production number: 69417
First aired: 15 March 1995
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Written By
René Balcer

Directed By
Lewis Gould


Two suspects in the murder of a prep-school board member are a transit worker---and his son.


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[In interrogation with Mr. Barclay and his son.]
Mr. Barclay: I guarantee you, it was Harrigan that put him up to it. He and his father, they're all alike, with their Irish temper, they lose control, and the next thing you know, you have a murder--
McCoy: Oh, so Harrigan did it because he's a Mick? Detective Logan is a Mick. I'm a Mick, sir. And if you don't shut up, I'll lose control and throw you out of the room!

[McCoy has gathered the suspect's friends at the police station]
McCoy: I'm Jack McCoy. I'm the Assistant District Attorney for New York County. You are invited here to talk to me about the murder of William Harrigan. And make no mistake: you will talk to me. You're going to tell me every thing you know about Stuart Barclay and Colin Harrigan's roles in that killing. If you don't, if you lie, I'll add a new word to your vocabulary: conspiracy, to commit murder. You could serve as many years as you have candles on your birthday cake. Who wants to speak first?
I'm not a snitch.

–Colin Harrigan confesses to Bill Prescott's murder

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Towncar Livery Garage
316 West 20th Street
Wednesday, January 18

Latham Morris & Assoc.
15 Rockefeller Center
Wednesday, January 18

Luther C. Chase Academy
229 East 83rd Street
Friday, January 20

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Dr. Stephen Penton
Luther C. Chase Academy
Tuesday, January 24

Apartment of
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Harrigan
205 Sickles Street
Thursday, February 2

Supreme Court
Trial Part 42
Monday, March 6


Rikers Island
Monday, March 7

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