Warren Busey
Trial Judge.jpg
Name Warren Busey
Affiliation New York Supreme Court
Division Criminal Term
Municipal Court (former)
Occupation Judge
Status Alive
Actor Brian Davies
First Appearance "Vaya Con Dios"
Last Appearance "Cry Wolf"

Warren Busey is a judge based in Manhattan, New York City who is friends with Adam Schiff.

While Busey reviewed Leon Chiles' motion to set Pantoya free due to his failing health he met with Schiff to discuss the case. Busey complains to Schiff that he doesn't need this and asks him to reign Jack McCoy in because if he sides with the defense it forces him to set a mass murderer free and if he sides with the prosecution he will spark an international crisis. Schiff reminds Busey he left Municipal Court because he wanted to do some good and he finally has his chance with this case and Busey reluctantly agrees.

Cases tried[edit | edit source]

  • Denied the defense's motion to dismiss the charges on the grounds that the Manhattan's DA's Office doesn't have jurisdiction.
  • Denied the defense's motion to set aside the charges on humanitarian grounds because of the defendant's failing health.
  • Granted the prosecution's motion to strike the defendant's entire testimony when he refused to answer Executive ADA McCoy's questions.
  • Allowed the prosecution to call Donald Albers as a rebuttal witness after the defense questioned the fitness of homosexual parents.

Motions[edit | edit source]

  • Ordered the news station to turn over a copy of the tape in their possession to the police so they can identify suspects in an ongoing murder investigation in the alternative of granting the prosecution's restraining order.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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