Wes Myers
Name Wes Myers
Title Officer
Army Officer
Affiliation NYPD
U.S. Army
Division 365th M.P. Brigade
Precinct 51st Precinct
Occupation Police officer
Army Reservist
Pathology Murderer
Sexual assailant
Family Kendra Myers (wife; deceased)
Anthony Myers (son)
Status Institutionalized
Actor Brian Hutchinson
First Appearance "Goliath"

Wes Myers is an officer in the New York City Police Department and a reservist in the United States Army.


During his time in the Army, Myers spent time overseas in Afghanistan, where he took an anti-malaria drug called Quinium. The drug affected him very badly, and upon returning home, there was a distinct change in his behavior. In 2005, he attempted to rape his wife Kendra, causing her to call 911. He then fatally shot her at point-blank range and instigated a standoff with other officers. During their investigation, the SVU was unable to determine one way or the other whether Tommy had raped Jamie or whether the sex between them had been consensual. He attempted suicide when his unknowing son Anthony asked him about his mother, but survived. (SVU: "Goliath")