Wesley Jansen
Wesley Jansen
Name Wesley Jansen
Occupation Pornstar
Family Chester Jansen (father)
Unnamed mother
Jaina Jansen (wife)
Mara Jansen (daughter)
Status Alive
Actor Mark-Paul Gosselaar
First Appearance "Sacrifice"

Wesley Jansen was a victim of sexual assault.


Wesley ran away from home during his late teens to be with his childhood sweetheart Jaina. They had a daughter named Mara, who was born with cystic fibrosis. With no health insurance to their name, he and his wife became porn stars in order to pay the bills.

Wesley feuded with Jaina's boss, Cal Oman. Wesley wanted Jaina to stop doing porn to preserve her reputation, and demanded that Cal pay Jaina fairly. Wesley was soon gang-raped and shot by Cal's thugs. This brought attention from SVU; Wesley feared Cal would go after his family if Cal found out about the police. (SVU: "Sacrifice")