Wharton (Dr.)
Dr. Wharton
Name Dr. Wharton
Title Doctor
Affiliation Whole Life Recovery Center
Occupation Psychiatrist (former)
Pathology Murder facilitator
Status Imprisoned
Actor Shirley Knight
First Appearance "Repression"

Dr. Wharton is a former psychiatrist who specialized in repressed memories.


She worked at the Whole Life Recovery Center, where she treated Meghan Ramsey. Wharton determined that Meghan's father Evan raped her, leading to Meghan's bulimia and depression. She had been a therapist for 15 years when detectives found out her treatment produced false memories. She was arrested for reckless endangerment after Evan was murdered. The state revoked her license, and she lost a wrongful-death suit to the Ramseys. She is currently serving the maximum sentence for reckless endangerment in the first degree. (SVU: "Repression").