Law and Order
L&O, Episode 11.19
Production number: E1323
First aired: 18 April 2001
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Written By
Matt Witten & Aaron Zelman

Directed By
Richard Dobbs


The discovery of an illegal immigrant's body leads to a case involving an auto-insurance scam.


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  • This episode appears to be ripped from the headlines of a conspiracy in Chicago that was orchestrated by several attorneys to stage "sudden stop" car accidents and collect millions in insurance money. It does not appear that there were any fatalities or criminal charges in the real case, but the participants in the conspiracy were sued for more than $9 million by the insurer.



Background information and notes

Background information and notes

Episode scene cards

1 2 3

Apartment of
Mr. & Mrs. Hector Santiago
131 East 118th Street
Thursday, December 30

Reed Moving
Long Island City, Queens
Friday, December 31

Keefe Investments, LTD.
623 Ninth Avenue
Tuesday, January 4

4 5 6

Exel Insurance
123 West 38th Street
Monday, January 17

Office of
Dr. Jerome Raleigh
407 Lexington Avenue
Monday, January 31

District Attorney's
Conference Room
Tuesday, February 22

7 8 9

Supreme Court
Trial Part 41
Thursday, April 6

Supreme Court
Trial Part 41
Monday, April 10

Supreme Court
Trial Part 41
Monday, April 10

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