Law and Order
Law and Order
"Whose Monkey is it Anyway?"
L&O, Episode 11.10
Production number: E1318
First aired: 17 January 2001
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Written By
William M. Finkelstein

Directed By
Vince Misiano


The death of a lab technician and the abduction of 17 infected monkeys lead to a trial involving the treatment of research animals.


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Episode scene cards[]

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All Natural Café
72 Hudson Street
Thursday, December 4

Residence Hall
Hudson University
Friday, December 3

Assisi Meadows
Animal Refuge
Wednesday, December 10

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Supreme Court
Trial Part 58
Tuesday, January 18

Chambers of
Judge Derek Hafner
Friday, January 21

Supreme Court
Trial Part 58
Wednesday, January 26

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"Whose Monkey is it Anyway?"
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Season 11
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