SVU, Episode 10.07
Production number: 10007
First aired: 18 November 2008
  209th of 476 produced in SVU  
th of 476 released in SVU
  th of 1229 released in all  
Written By
Mick Betancourt

Directed By
Peter Leto

Stabler goes undercover to break up an animal-smuggling ring, and he gets help from a group insider, hip-hop artist Gots Money. However, this assignment leads to complication in Stabler's marriage and nearly costs him his life.


Stabler works undercover investigating a violent animal smuggling ring believed to be connected to a young woman's murder.

The show starts with people hovering around Stabler who has been shot. It later shows doctors carrying him to a hospital bed. Then finally Detective Benson looking at her partner.

It shows "One Week Earlier" and has Benson and Stabler responding to a crime scene where a young woman was found mutilated. They are shocked to learn that the killer licked her. And that they bit into her neck! Stabler then pulls out a dead exotic bird out of the woman's purse.


Main cast

Recurring cast

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'The perp whack the parakeet too?

–Warner after find a dead bird in the victim's purse

That girl done seen more nuts than a can of planters.

–Gots Money, on Natalie Bleers

Elliot Stabler: So what happened to the tiger?
Andre Bushido: Tasty bugger, isn't he?
Elliot Stabler: ...Ah. Never enjoyed tiger meat before.

Olivia Benson: Mmm. Are you ready for me, Daddy? Ooh. Didn't realize this was a party. That'll be $100 to watch, $250 to join in...
Victor Tybor: I'll say this, Mike - you've got good taste.

Told you he wouldn't take a day off. You owe me 50 bucks.

–Odafin Tutola

Background information and notes

  • The gibbon rescued by the SVU appears to be a Lar Gibbon. The name given to it in the show is the white crested highland gibbon although there is no such species. The gibbon is also clearly too large to have been contained within a basketball.
    Cragen and Gibbon

    Donald Cragen and gibbon

  • Stabler's wound to his chest is said to be a "through and through" which would indicate that there would be an exit wound on his back, but when we see him holding the baby in the last scene, there is clearly no wound or bandage on his back.

Episode scene cards

1 2 3

Supple Nightclub
396 West 16th Street
Saturday, November 8

On The Noise
Recording Studio
1757 Broadway
Saturday, November 8

Residence of
Gots Money
124 West 53rd Street
Saturday, November 8

4 5

Bifero Stock and Feed
154 Dikeman Street
Brooklyn, New York
Sunday, November 16

Kuan Tool
And Die Factory
518 Scholes Street
Brooklyn, New York
Tuesday, November 18

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