Law and Order

Willa Bartola is a TikTok star who was raped by Liam and Tate Rivers.


Willa was invited by Diggy Wheeler to meet Liam and Tate at the Wheelhouse, a house for content influencers, alongside her best friend, Kevan Wright. They then toured around the Wheelhouse and she started making videos with Tate and Liam. However, at the Wheelhouse, Tate and Liam gang raped Willa in a room and Willa was found crying in the corner of the basement by Kevan. Willa announced her rape on TikTok which Noah Porter-Benson watched and showed to his mother, Captain Olivia Benson. However, after Olivia had watched the video, Willa took it down after receiving hate mail and people started antagonizing and bullying her for her accusation.

Benson and Detective Amanda Rollins went to talk with Willa about her accusation and she explained that she was assaulted by Tate and Liam and explained what happened that night. They talk to her friend, Kevan, and he claims that he is certain that Tate and Liam raped Willa and that he left the Wheelhouse two months ago. Kevan tells the detectives that he wants them arrested for rape.

However, to gain more evidence on the case, Assistant district attorney Dominick Carisi, Jr. wants Willa to meet with the boys to get them to confess with Jet Slootmaekers protecting her, after Benson asked Sergeant Ayanna Bell to borrow Jet for the case. At the Wheelhouse, Diggy is sorry that Willa is upset and he says that the boys told him that it was consensual. Tate and Liam show up and claim that she cried rape because she wasn't accepted into the Wheelhouse. Tate and Liam forced Willa to claim that she made up the accusation on video which is what Willa did. This made the case more complicated.

Eventually, Tate and Liam are arrested for rape and taken to trial. Willa is called to testify and Counselor Swope claims that Willa cried rape to get more followers but Willa tells him that she would never do that. After her testimony, Willa confronts Diggy and claims that Diggy invited the boys to rape her. Diggy denies the accusations and desperately tries to get on Willa's good side.

Later, Diggy posts a video telling Willa how sorry he is and hopes that she can forgive him. However, Carisi thought that the defense would call for a mistrial after the jury watched the video but the judge denied the defense's request.

Eventually, Tate and Liam are imprisoned for seven years after bribing jurors to deliver a not guilty verdict. When meeting with Rollins and Benson, Willa explains that she, Diggy and Kevan have created a survivor's group at the Wheelhouse and asks Rollins and Benson to thank Carisi for her. She also showed perceptiveness on Carisi and Rollins' relationship by stating she gets why Rollins likes him and calls him a good man. (SVU: "Fast Times @ TheWheelHouse")