William Blunt
William Blunt
Name William Blunt
Title Bill
Affiliation RSL Gallery
Rudy Langer
Pathology Alleged double murderer
Family Rachel Blunt (wife)
Status Alive
Actor Sam Freed
First Appearance "Art"
William "Bill" Blunt is an art donator who, along with his wife, Rachel had ties to art gallery owner Rudy LangerBernard Jackson and Anne Ellis.


Bill and his wife Rachel were known for donating several pictures to multiple museums, most notably RSL Gallery. Bill and Rachel were going to donate a fake painting of the Monet to RSL Studios, Bill and Rachel had Anne under them for a while when they were going to donate the fake Monet. Bill and Rachel were also associated with Bernard, him being the one to authenticate the Monet they got from an art collector.

Bill and Rachel were aproached by Detectives Goren and Eames when they were informed by Anne's husband they Anne must have met Bill and Rachel before she was killed. The detectives ask the two if they had met with Anne yesterday to which Rachel says that they didn't meet with Anne nor Bernard. When Detective Goren goes to take a look at one of the small art figurines they got Bill approaches Detective Goren and explains to them what the figurine is. Bill tells the detectives that although Bernard and Anne knew each other they didn't know how well. When Detective Goren asks Bill if he thought that Anne and Bernard had a romantic relationship Bill indirectly inplies so, stating that "Well murder-suicide speaks for itself."

Bill goes to RSL Gallery and approaches Rudy and warns him about how one of the detectives investigating Bernard and Anne's murder knows a lot about art. Bill tels Rudy that he promised nothing would go wrong and Rudy states that nothing has gone wrong. Bill states how Bernard was so stupid for being romantically involved with Anne and Rudy tells Bill that if anything goes wrong, they could use Bernard as a patsy. (CI: "Art")

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