William Hendry was played by Corbin Bensen. 

He was a prison warden and embezzled money from his position to enrich himself. For that purpose he hid that money under a bank account on her wife's name with her not knowing anything about it. 

When her wife wanted to open a business and wanted a credit for that, he realised, that this would cause the bank to investigate her financial possibilities. This would have exposed the fake bank account he created in order to hide the embezzled money and he wanted to prevent that from happening. For that purpose he hired a prisoner, Vic Bowman, to kill her, but he refused and double crossed him while also telling his wife what had happened. This caused them to flee together from him.

10 years she was about to reappear again and tried everything to maintain appearances and cover up what he did to the extent of framing Vic Bowman for crimes he did not commit. However, the Major Case Squad saw through him, found out the truth about him and, after clarifying to his wife why he intended to murder her causing her to act against him, he was arrested for conspiracy to commit murder.

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