Willie Smith
Name Willie Smith
Title The West Side Rapist
Pathology Serial rapist
Registered sex offender
Status Imprisoned
Actor Joshua Boone
First Appearance "American Tragedy"

Willie Smith (alias The West Side Rapist) is a serial rapist and registered sex offender from Detroit who targeted white women in the Upper West Side neighborhood of Manhattan. His crimes indirectly led to the death of Mehcad Carter, who was mistaken for him and shot in self-defense by Jolene Castille.

Smith was arrested while in the process of committing another rape, and positively identified by all of his victims. He was convicted of the rapes. (SVU: "American Tragedy")

Known Victims

  • Unspecified date, Detroit, Michigan: At least one unnamed woman (raped)
  • 2013, New York City, New York:
    • August:
      • Bethenny Dunstan (raped)
      • Aubrey Trisler (raped)
    • August 6: Chloe Lesedi (beaten and raped)
    • August 7-8: Unnamed woman (assaulted and attempted to rape)
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