SVU, Episode 11.16
Production number: 11016
First aired: 17 March 2010
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ADA Cabot Witness
Written By
Christine M. Torres & Dawn DeNoon

Directed By
David Platt


A young woman claims to have been raped in her apartment building's stairwell. The detectives investigate the possibility that she fabricated the rape only to get attention, but later find themselves desperately tracking an eyewitness who saw the attack then disappeared because she fears being deported to her home country of Congo, and the almost certain rape and violence that await her there. Ultimately, Cabot and the witness put the rapist away for his crimes, and it gives the witness hope for justice for people raped in the Congo and even though she's granted asylum, she decides to return to the Congo to help other rape victims there. The witness' story affects Cabot so much that she decides to take a leave of absence to join an international task force prosecuting sex crimes in areas of conflict such as the Congo.


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Nardalee: "The women in my village were raped. The women in the militia camp were raped. I was raped repeatedly by so many men I lost count. They put their guns in my sex and one of them pulled the trigger. I was in the hospital for over a year. It left me incontinent. So yes, I see rape everywhere. That is how I know that girl was raped."

Background information and notes

  • This is the last appearance of ADA Alexandra Cabot until the season 13 premiere, "Scorched Earth".
  • It is unlikely, even knowing the time frame of a typical Law and Order episode, for someone to have MRSA diagnosed and then die so quickly after initial treatment. The disease being in a limb like the hand would have offered a number of treatment possibilities before giving someone up for dead, especially as it was from a non-surgical wound. It is also unlikely it would not have been swabbed when she was first seen for treatment and thus could have been caught earlier.

Episode scene cards

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Office of
Building Superintendent
251 West 17th Street
Thursday, February 4

Apartment of
Lainie McCallumt
251 West 17th Street
Friday, February 5

251 West 17th Street
Tuesday, February 9

Drogan's Pub
199 Seventh Avenue
Thursday, February 11

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Elizabeth Detention
625 Evans Street
Elizabeth, New Jersey
Monday, February 15

Supreme Court
Trial Part 34
Monday, March 15

Supreme Court
Trial Part 34
Monday, March 15

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