SVU, Episode 3.02
Production number: E2314
First aired: 5 October 2001
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Benson Wrath
Written By
Judith McCreary

Directed By
Jean de Segonzac


After three murder victims are connected to Benson's past cases, it's believed that the killer is seeking revenge on the detective.


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Benson: We've gotten warrants based on less, why are you stonewalling?
Cabot: This is different and you know it. Once a judge hears the suspect's history, he's gonna bend over backwards for the guy.
Benson: I saw him, Alex. Plummer is stalking me.
Cabot: How did he know where you were when he was in the interview room being questioned?
Benson: He must've overheard.
Cabot: Okay, how many businesses are in the area near Chauncey's?
Benson: I don't know, several. Why? Where are you going with this?
Cabot: Any decent defense attorney is going to say that Mr. Plummer was in the area running errands, that it was just a coincidence.
Benson: He has killed four people and we're doing nothing.
Cabot: How many drinks did you have? Olivia, the system made a mistake before, now everything we do is under a microscope.
Benson: I wasn't drunk.

Stabler: I didn't tell you about the detail because I knew you'd refuse.
Benson: Only the rat-squad puts cops on other cops, Elliot, without telling them. I deserve better than that. Especially from you.
Stabler: You've been under a lot of stress lately...
Benson: I've always backed your play.
Stabler: And I did what I had to do. The guy's murdered four people, what's to stop him from coming after you, Olivia?
Benson: If you can't trust your partner, Elliot, it's time to get a new one.

Benson: I'm fine.
Stabler: I'm not. Some low-life's out to get you.
Benson: If he wanted to take me out, he would've tried it already.

Stabler: What about some dinner?
Benson: When was the last time your kids saw your ugly mug?
Stabler: Come on, I'll set an extra plate.
Benson: Nah, see you tomorrow.

We blame all kinds of people for creating monsters. Why not ourselves?

–Olivia Benson

Benson: You worried about something?
Cragen: Your safety.

Eric Plummer: I was innocent.
Olivia Benson: Yes, you were, but then you killed four innocent people.
Eric Plummer: Three innocent people, and one child abuser. I thought cops cared about the facts.

Munch: The victims were pumped full of potassium chloride. Death was painless.
Tutuola: Like that makes a difference.

It wasn't your name stenciled on that door, so whose ass are you really covering?

–Olivia Benson

Stabler: Let's go.
Benson: I can't, got to give my statement.
Stabler: I'll take it.
Benson: You, leave me alone.

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