Yelina Muñoz
Name Yelina Muñoz
Affiliation New York
Occupation Senator's wife
Family Alex Muñoz (husband)
Three unnamed daughters
Status Alive
Actor Karen Olivo
First Appearance "October Surprise"

Yelina Muñoz is the wife of New York State Senator Alex Muñoz.


At some unknown point Yelina and Alex Muñoz got married and had three daughters. While serving as New York State Senator, Alex Muñoz begins running for mayor of New York and Yelina Muñoz supports him. While he gained much support by saying that he was going to support the working class citizens of New York, Alex Muñoz began sexting with and having affairs with other women but it is uncertain if Yelina Muñoz know of this or not. When When detectives Nick Amaro and Odafin Tutuola question Alex Muñoz at a press conference, Yelina Muñoz asks him what is going one but Alex says that it's only about a police fundraiser. Later on while she was on her way to a fundraiser, Yelina Muñoz goes to A.D.A. Rafael Barba's office to ask why her husband was being questioned by detectives but Barba does not tell her what he is being investigated for, Yelina then says to Barba that Muñoz is going to do great things for New York and tells him to not ruin his chances to do so.

Alex and Yelina Muñoz later on attend an association ball with several CEO's and politicians but after she and Muñoz take a picture with someone, Barba takes Muñoz outside the ball to confront him about his corruption. Even thou it is learned that he sexted and had affaires with multiple women, Yelina Muñoz continues to support her husband. Outside the courthouse Muñoz claims that the wealthy people of New York and Barba are out to get him, when a reporter asks Yelina if she is still supports her husband she does not answer. She then supports her husband when he is put on trial for possession of child pornography. (SVU: "October Surprise")