Zachary Marshall
Name Zachary Marshall
Affiliation Food and Drug Administration
Occupation FDA employee
Pathology Mass murderer
Family Unnamed wife
Status Imprisoned
Actor Rich Sommer
First Appearance "Doped"

Zachary Marshall was a mass murderer who caused a minivan to crash on the highway, killing seven people.

Known Victims

  • September 26, 2009: The highway crash:
    • The minivan:
      • Brenda Sawyer (the driver; got her drunk and drugged her nasal spray, leading to the crash; survived, but died at the hospital)
      • Nicky Sawyer (Brenda's son; survived)
      • Brenda's unnamed daughter (killed)
      • Sarah Reinquist (Brenda's niece; survived, but died at the hospital)
      • Allie Reinquist (Brenda's niece; killed)
    • The sedan:
      • Unnamed woman (killed)
      • The woman's unnamed daughter (killed)
      • The daughter's unnamed fiancé (killed)