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Detective Zachary "Zack" Nichols is now-retired Detective Mike Logan's replacement in the Major Case Squad on Law & Order: Criminal Intent.


Nichols in 2009

Early life[]

Nichols' mother and father were both psychiatrists. Zach had entered medical school to become a doctor, but dropped out to become a police officer instead, much to the dismay of his father.

Zach once noted that he had not seen his father in "decades", even though they both live in New York City. (CI: "In Treatment")

Police force[]

Nichols worked with Captain Danny Ross in Anti-Crime until he took a leave of absence from the force starting in 2001 and returning in 2008, a seven-year absence.

By 2009, Nichols had replaced Detective Mike Logan as Detective Megan Wheeler's new partner. His first case with her involved a stabbing victim. (CI: "Rock Star")

Nichols greatly disliked being forced to let Sayid Abdullah Hassan, the suspect in the murder of several people including his friend Ross, go free. He believed that the potential discovery of other terrorists by allowing Hassan to smuggle GPS-tagged weapons to them was not worth the lack of justice in Ross' case. He was ordered to do so by temporary Captain Alexandra Eames. (CI: "Loyalty (2)")

Nichols became partnered with Serena Stevens, who both worked under the command of Capt. Zoe Callas. During his time partnered with Serena, he had a case that reunited him with Lenore Abrigaille, a woman that he used to date when they were much younger. (CI: "Palimpsest")

In his final episode, he called his father Theodore for help as their suspect had multiple personalities and the department psychiatrist didn't believe in the diagnosis. (CI: "Three-In-One")



On the USA network website, this character is listed as Zack Nichols. Multiple other sources list the character as Zach.

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