L&O, Episode 19.07
Production number: 190--
First aired: 17 December 2008
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Reynolds Beck
Written By
Ed Zuckerman & Luke Schelhaas

Directed By
Marisol Torres


When his latest case seems to be going too smoothly, Cutter becomes worried about the mental health of the judge trying his case.


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  • People vs. Alicia



Jack McCoy: Can anybody around here read?

Mike Cutter: I believe that is a requirement to graduate from Law school.

Carly: There are some scheduling issues we need to sort out.

Mike Cutter: Ok, sure

Jack McCoy: (Sarcastically To Rubirosa) Sure, "scheduling issues"

Connie Rubirosa: So, you and the judge's clerk, you two are…?

Mike Cutter: Friends.

Connie Rubirosa: Friends... (beat) So we don't have a conflict of interest problem, do we?

Mike Cutter: No. And we don't have a jealousy problem, do we?

Connie Rubirosa: I was in preschool when you started to work here… 'member?

Mike Cutter: That was Estelle Adams, not me!

Carly: You are out of order.

Mike Cutter: You're a witness. You don't get to decide what's out of order.

Kevin Bernard: No paper, no plastic, which means no take-out, no magazines, no paper towels…

Anita van Buren: No toilet paper?

Cyrus Lupo: Left hand and a bowl of water. (Van Buren and Bernard just stare at him) Half the world still does it that way.

Anita van Buren: That's nasty.

Kevin Bernard: Hey, so when you were overseas, doing intel in the boonies… ?

Cyrus Lupo: Left hand and a bowl of water.

Anita van Buren: That's nasty.

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Bronte Hotel Bar
218 Union Square
Monday, August 25

Apartment of
Wayne Jenkins
Bergen County, New Jersey
Monday, August 25

Apartment of
Chris Mason
59 East 21st Street
Monday, August 25

4 5 6 7

Home of
Ann Mason
Nyack, New York
Tuesday, August 26

Chambers of
Judge Malcolm Reynolds
Tuesday, August 26

Supreme Court
Trial Part 10
Wednesday, September 17

145 West Broadway
Thursday, September 18

8 9 10

Supreme Court
Motion Hearing
Friday, September 19

Home of
Judge Malcolm Reynolds
Upper West Side, New York
Monday, September 20

Supreme Court
Trial Part 10
Monday, September 20

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