Law and Order
CI, Episode 2.22
Production number: E3225
First aired: 18 May 2003
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Teleplay By
Warren Leight

Story By
Warren Leight & Rene Balcer

Directed By
Don Scardino


When a crooked divorced cop is found dead in a subway station, Goren and Eames discover that he was trying to blackmail a pair of doctors who had managed to get away with infecting their exes with rare viruses.


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Ron Carver: A voyeur and an exhibitionist. It's a wonder they found each other.
Alexandra Eames: Isn't the world a swell place?

James Deakins: Anything I could catch from my local vet?
Elizabeth Rodgers: Not unless he's been in the southern hemisphere, playing fetch with flying bats.

Alexandra Eames: Typhoid Roger. You dump him, you get sick.
Robert Goren: Blackmail him, you get killed.

Alexandra Eames: How come all divorced cops have the same decorator?

Scott Borman: You do know, of course, that "zoonotic" doesn't mean that the viruses came from the zoo.
Robert Goren: It doesn't? Well, my partner was telling me that, but it doesn't make sense to me, because there's the word "zoo"...
Scott Borman: Guys... we never listen.
Alexandra Eames: You conducted seminars for 'Special Friends of the Zoo'.
Scott Borman: Well the directors think I'm a good ambassador, for the zoo. (spits)
Alexandra Eames: Because you have so much in common with your animals?

Robert Goren: Scott told us that your girlfriends had the time of their life with him.
Roger Stern: What are you talking about? They were debased, humiliated. I turned them into the corn cob in the pig sty, with that rutting hog on top of them. They'd look at me... wanting me to call him off!

Background information and notes

  • This episode deals with a physican and a veterinarian who inject their lovers with exotic viruses. The Law & Order episode "Patient Zero" simiarly deals with a scientist who injects his lover with a some what exotic virus at the time, SARS-CoV-1.
  • Originally, Andrew McCarthy was supposed to play the role of Dr. Roger Stern, but he stormed off set, compaining that Vincent D'Onofrio was constantly criticizing his acting during the rehearsals. As a result, James Urbaniak was brought in at the last minute.
  • As this episode ends, two grams of anthrax bacterium go missing, which leads into the season finale episode "A Person of Interest".
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